Radio telescope

Radio Telescope is a device which helps us in studying the big universe. They recieve radio singnal far from the universe like from nebula, galaxy,planets, stars etc

Radio telescope which are fixed in earth recieve radio signals and they magnify the signals.

A Radio telescope has two main parts which are the Antina and Reciever.

Antina is a metaldish fixed in a stand. It is the biggest part of this and it can be rotated to any direction towards sky.

The signals coming from far distance recieved by the Antina will be extremelyweak. These weak signals are magnified by radio reciever and send into a loudspeaker thereby astrophysists and scientist can identify the singnals and can be markedin charts. By detail analysis of this charts they can find the answers to th mysteries in universe. These can also help to find the distance between planets, stars etc.

This biggest difference optical telescope which is commonly used an radio telescope is that radio telescope can be used from any place at any time while optical telescope can be used from high altitude and light is essential for it.

Optical telescope and Radio telescope

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